25 Lakh Lottery Fraud You Need to Be Aware Of

Fraudsters are targeting vulnerable people with a 25 Lakh lottery fraud. The fraudsters send messages claiming the receiver has won the prize from KBC. However….

We have all played the lottery in hopes of receiving that elusive text message or phone call, informing us of our winnings. However, in reality that rarely happens or so it would seem. Earlier this year, news started making the rounds that individuals all across India were receiving Whatsapp messages informing them that they had won the jackpot!

In a year that has seen COVID-19 wreck havoc in the country this would be a welcome change for those receiving the messages. However, these messages were nothing but a trick orchestrated by fraudsters to steal your money and personal information. Fraudsters would send out messages informing the recipients of winning the “KBC lottery


The recipients would even receive an audio message from the sender claiming to be a KBC manager further adding authenticity to the whole act. As per this manager, the cheque for 25 lakh was deposited at a nearby branch and all the recipient had to do to claim it is click on the link in the message to confirm his or her details with the manager.

According to cyber experts, clicking on the link in the Whatsapp messages would allow these fraudsters to steal your personal and confidential information. According to the experts the messages have been coming in from Pakistani numbers as confirmed by a recipient who was asked to talk to KBC manager Rana Pratap Singh, who would provide her the details of the prize money. Unfortunately for this recipient, she deposited several lakhs in ‘GST and Processing Fees’ in multiple Indian bank accounts.

Later she was informed that the prize money had increased from 25 to 45 and then to 75 lakhs. In order to claim that money, she had to deposit the required charges yet once again. At the end of the day, the poor woman had been deprived of nearly 45 lakhs!

Three men from Bihar have been arrested so far in relation to this lottery scam. It seems this scam is not new and in 2018, the Mumbai Police had tweeted the following “Please do not share any sensitive details over a call and visit the nearest police station for further support.”

I would advise you to stick to the lottery operators on my site if you are keen on wining the jackpot. Always remember, when it comes lottery, if it seems to good to be true than chances are that there is something fishy about it. Stay safe, stay vigilant!