Anderson ‘’absolutely loves’’ playing Test cricket

James Anderson has said he ‘’absolutely loves’’ playing Test cricket and is already thinking about the Ashes Tour in Australia in 2021-22. 

James Anderson has said he ‘’absolutely loves’’ playing Test cricket and is already thinking about the Ashes Tour in Australia in 2021-22. 

“I absolutely love [playing Test cricket],” he said in an interview. “There is no better feeling than putting the boots on, going out there and doing what I love doing.

“There has been hard work involved in developing those skills so I can go out there and bowl the way I do. I still get satisfaction from putting a hard shift in, putting 25 overs in a day.

“I still enjoy putting the yards in in the nets, making those tweaks with my technique to make sure I am in good shape going into Test matches. I still enjoy the stuff in the gym. I think that’s why I keep going.

“I have struggled a little bit for rhythm during the summer but I have felt great this week, as good as I have done for a number of years.

“Annoyingly it looks like we haven’t got another Test for months but hopefully I can keep ticking over and be fit enough to go whenever that next Test is.”

It had previously been mentioned that Anderson might have the option to act as England’s bowling coach for the overseas tours and this will allow him to continue his career.

Anderson however is still keen to act as a player even if that means he can’t play every game because other players are likely to get picked.

“With mine and Stuart [Broad’s] experience it is part of our job to pass down information where we can to younger bowlers – it’s a natural thing to do,” said Anderson.

“But I still think I can bowl in all conditions. I feel I am fit enough to keep playing and I don’t think it’s fair to other guys in the team if I just rock up in England when conditions suit and send them to India and Sri Lanka to do the hard yards!

“We have strength in depth and I realise there will be times I am left out for various reasons – resting, to have a look at someone else.

“I will have to be wise about which games I play and which I don’t, but that is something for the selectors, coach, captain and medical team to help me with.

“I will just try and keep my game at as high a level as possible and be ready for when I am called upon.

“It felt amazing [to get 600 wickets]. I went to bed last night not expecting to bowl a ball due to the forecast [for rain]. Even if I didn’t get it here there are worse numbers to be stuck on for a few months [than 599]!

“To play as much cricket as we have this summer is fantastic and a lot of credit must go to the people that have made this happen. It’s frustrating not having a crowd but we’d much rather be out there playing than not.”

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