Asia Cup likely to be rescheduled to 2024 according to the PCB

Indias liklihood of reaching the World Test Series finals means the Asia Cup will probably be postponed to 2023 according to the PCB.

Ehasn Mani, the Pakistan Cricket Board chairman, has stated that the June 2021 Asia Cup will probably be postponed if India qualifies for the World Test Championship.

The Asia Cup was meant to be played last year but due to the COVID-19 pandemic it did not go ahead. In a press conference, Mani told reporters “Asia Cup was set to go last year but it got postponed to this year. Right now, it looks like Asia Cup won’t be going ahead this year as the WTC finals are set to go ahead in June. Sri Lanka had said that they would try to host the tournament in June,” He went on to state “The dates are clashing. We think the tournament will not be going ahead, and we might have to push the tournament to 2023,”

Wasim Khan, the PCB CEO was also in agreement that the Asia Cup will not go ahead if India reaches the WTC finals. In a virtual press conference, Khan stated “It looks like India has reached the finals and they will clash against New Zealand. This is why the Asia Cup set to be played in Sri Lanka won’t go ahead. We are waiting for confirmation but if it does not go ahead, we are planning for the future,”.

Sporting calendars throughout the world have been impacted by COVID 19 and many sports continue to try to reschedule events. This has inevitably led to clashes in events which is proving to difficult to manage not only in cricket but across all sporting industries all around the world.

The hope for 2021 is that all major sporting events will go ahead as planned with lesser events being rescheduled. Playing events behind closed doors is likely to continue in a lot of countries until vaccines have been rolled out to a large percentage of the population.

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