Cricket Betting racket caught accepting bets on ENG vs IND

It seems that cricket matches and cricket bettings rackets getting busted go hand in hand. This time, the accused from Hyderabad were caught accepting bets.

The police force raided a house in Hyderabad and arrested an individual involved in cricket betting. The accused was accepting bets on matches between Australia vs Bangladesh and India vs England. The accused was fairly mobile within Hyderabad choosing to operate in different places and also acting as a sub-organiser for other bookies involved in illegal cricket betting.

In his defence, the accused said that he was a merely a pawn in this case and that the actual organisers had created several online cricket betting sites. He had subscribed to these sites with his personal information and then received the user ID and pw after making a payment of Rs.10,000.

At the time of active cricket matches, the accused would send link to punters looking to place bets on these matches. The punters would subscribe to these links and would send money to the bank account of the accused. This money would then be used against placing bets.

After the match finished, the accused would distribute the winning amounts to the punters based on the points earned by each. His commission of 30 percent was deducted before handing out the winnings.