Cricket Betting Racket Shut Down in Jamnagar

Jamnagar police spring into action and arrest 4 people involved in a cricket betting racket.

Acting on a tip off, Jamnagar police sprung into action on Saturday night and arrested 4 people involved in a cricket betting racket. The accused were found guilty of taking bets for the South Africa and West Indies T20 match. The raid took place at the residence of Abdul Kadar Nur Mohmmad Khafi, in Kishan Chowk. Three others were also arrested including Ashok Dattani, Tushar Mehta and Paresh Solanki.
In the raid, the police were able to confiscate mobile phones, a TV and 17 lakh in cash.

As per the police, the raid has been deemed highly successful as it provides intel on 10 more people that are alleged to be involved in cricket betting. These include two bookies that go by the names of Dinkar and Vitthal. The police are now looking to determine the location of these two bookies with the goal of arresting them as well.