Delays to the IPL schedule is starting raise doubts about this years season

Ahed of the start of the IPL season the CSK camp has been rocked with 12 members of the team testing positive for COVID 19.

The 2020 IPL schedule still has not been released yet and it is leading to concerns within the team camps, franchises and other stakeholders involved in the IPL not forgetting the fans themselves.

The BCCI is in negotiations with the governments of the emirates to relax some strict rules that they have in place to combat the spread of COVID-19. These restrictions are having a negative impact on the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League due to start in less than 17 days.

“The BCCI hasn’t told the franchises anything yet about the IPL schedule. But for us franchises the IPL is on as of today, because if the IPL was not to happen this year the BCCI would have told us much earlier. The franchises have spent a lot of money on their teams. Positive cases will continue to emerge,”

“The point is that if the BCCI has to cancel the IPL they need to cancel it today. They can’t cancel it after 15 days. The franchises are here in the UAE and have spent so much money on their teams. Also, when we have called our players for the IPL, we will have to pay them as well. In the event of a cancellation, we can’t tell the players that since you didn’t play matches we wouldn’t pay you. All that will have to be taken into consideration. Presently, BCCI officials are talking to the local governments of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah,” a franchise official said in a statement.

It can be argued that the restrictions being imposed on the IPL and the teams is needed since there was a recent outbreak of COVID-19 in the CSK camp. Precautions are needed to to protect the public health and avoid an outbreak of COVID-19 in the host nation.

“We are taking all the precautions after the CSK episode. Initially, we had thought that we would take the team out for a few team dinners sometime during the tournament. But that plan has been shelved. Now, it is only bubble, and bubble, and bubble. All meals are being served in the squad members’ rooms; it’s only room service now,” a franchise official said.

Hopefully this week the BCCI will release a schedule but it is likely that the schedule will be a guideline and subject to change as we progress through the tournament and different scenarios unfold.