Mega Moolah | What are Progressive Jackpots?

The biggest difference between other slot games and Mega Moolah is that unlike traditional ones that have just one, two, or three winning lines, Mega Moolah has a whopping 25 lines.

The online lottery games have become very popular in recent times but one big downside of most of these online lotteries is that you need to wait after you have chosen the ticket or numbers to see if you have won.

Progressive slot games like Mega Moolah however removes the waiting part and gives you the pure thrill of playing the game of luck. It also has jackpot prizes that run in millions and can change your life overnight.

In this article, I will be sharing the details about Mega Moolah, the different symbols, and its significance. I will also be sharing the ways you can win the Jackpot prize.


Mega Moolah is one of the most popular progressive jackpot games. The slot consists of five reels and each of these reels has three symbols, so it is often referred to as 5*3 reel slot.

The biggest difference between other slot games and Mega Moolah is that unlike traditional ones that have just one, two, or three winning lines, Mega Moolah has a whopping 25 lines. All these 25 lines must be covered by one coin in order to spin the reels.

Keeping this in mind, Mega Moolah gives you the authority to decide the value of that coin. You can start with as low as 0.01 per line, which comes down to a bet of 0.25 per spin. In case you like to roll high and want to have better shot at the lucrative jackpot then you can spin it for as high as 6.25 per spin.

So Mega Moolah is focused more on attracting low to medium bet players but as the jackpot prize is huge, even the high bet players come to play. The theme used by Mega Moolah is African Safari and that’s why you get a number of symbols that represent Africa and its exotic animals coupled with a jungle sound and musical effects.


Mega Moolah slots consist of card symbols and animal figures. The card symbols are considered low paying ones. These symbols give you small wins in the base game or offer you a free spin.

The animal figures are the high paying symbols and represent the African Safari. You will find a variety of animals in the slots like buffalo, Kudu, Zebra, Monkey, giraffe, and king of the jungle – Lion.

There are two symbols that are significantly powerful than the rest. The first one is the Lion which is also known as the wild symbol. This symbol can be used to substitute any symbol on the slot to create more winnings.

The only exception is the monkey symbol which the Lion cannot be replaced with. You also get paid with a game win of 15000 coins when you get five lions across a single pay line on the game.

The monkey is the most precious symbol and is also known as the Scatter symbol. If you land three or more monkey symbols in a line then it triggers a free spins bonus game. You get 15 free spins and any amount you win in the free spins is multiplied by two during the payout. You can win up to 75000 coins in the base game while you can win up to 225000 coins in the free spin bonus game.


Mega Moolah has four progressive jackpots and is defined by the size of wins. The first jackpot is called Mini which has a prize ranging from tens to hundred. The second jackpot is called Minor which has a prize that ranges from Hundred to thousands while the third jackpot known as Major has a prize in tens of thousands.

The biggest jackpot called Mega has the prize in millions and sometimes even in multiple millions.

The tricky part about all these jackpots is that no one knows how to trigger it. You could trigger it while playing the base game or you could trigger it in the free spin bonus game. The probability of hitting jackpot increases if you wager more but that’s not a mandatory rule.

There are cases when the jackpot bonus has been triggered even with a wager of 0.25. So these jackpots are entirely random and can happen at any point in time in the game.

When you trigger the bonus feature a spin wheel appears on the screen. This wheel is divided into different sectors and each sector has one of the four jackpot prizes. The wheel has a very high density of minor and mini jackpot prizes while the major and mega jackpots are few.

When you spin the wheel the sector on which needle stops is your winning jackpot. Most of the time the needle lands on either minor or mini jackpots but once in a while, it does land on the life-changing mega jackpots worth millions.

To conclude Mega Moolah is a super exciting casino game. The excitement and thrill are further elevated as you see the jackpot prize increasing every minute. The simplicity of the game and flexible wager amount makes Mega Moolah a game anyone can play and test their luck.


How to check if Mega Moolah is available in my country?

To check if your country has Mega Moolah kindly login to the Megamoolah website and input your Pincode in the “check country” section.

What was the highest amount won in Mega Moolah?

The highest amount won in a Mega Moolah was 13.2 million pounds by Jonathon Heywoods in the year 2015. It was also noted in Guinness books of world record as the biggest jackpot win on any online slot game in the internet history.

Can I play Mega Moolah for free?

Yes. There is also a demo game of Mega Moolah where you can enjoy the jackpot game for free.