MS Dhoni Criticised for Bullying Umpire in IPL 2020

Fans have lashed out at MS Dhoni who was accused of bullying Australian umpire, Paul Reiffel in a match between Chennai Super Kings and Sunrisers Hyderabad.

MS Dhoni always comes across as a commanding figure on the field. Regardless of the format he plays in, Dhoni has always been vocal about things that he may feel are not fair on the cricket pitch.

One such incident occurred in the recent IPL match between Chennai Super Kings and Sunrisers Hyderabad. The incident occurred on Tuesday when Shardul Thakur bowled a delivery that many believed would be signalled a wide. Paul Reiffel, the umpire also believed it to be a wide delivery as well. Reiffel extended his arms to signal it as such but Dhoni was having none of it and protested at the decision that was coming his way.

Reiffel seemed intimidated by Dhoni’s actions and instead declared it as a legitimate delivery. This was extremely crucial in Hyderabad’s chase of the 168 run target. Every run , every delivery was crucial and this decision going against them certainly did not help their chances.

Fans were equally unimpressed by both the decision that was changed by Reiffel and also Dhoni’s behaviour and took to twitter to express their displeasure.


“Such a mockery of game, pathetic! Dhoni keeps bullying umpires and gets away with it. I have just lost count of it,” one cricket fan wrote on Twitter.

West Indian fast bowler, Ian Bishop was also not happy at the decision and had the following to say “He started calling it a wide, he looked up, saw Dhoni and he changed his mind.

“I am someone who is sympathetic to the umpires because it is a difficult job, but tonight I will say that that Reiffel made a mistake