Pakistan Fast Bowler Praises Virat Kohli as the Best Player in the World

Legendary fast bowler, Shoaib Akhtar wants Pakistani fans to stop getting angry at him for praising Indian players such as Virat Kohli.

Rawalpindi Express, Shoaib Akhtar has gotten himself into trouble once again by showering praise on Indian cricketers. Akhtar while giving an interview on a Youtube show called ‘Cricket Pakistan’ made a claim that Virat Kohli is one the best batsmen in the world. While us Indians are quite used to this fact by now due to Kohli’s supreme batting, it seems that Pakistani fans do no appreciate Akhtar’s comments.


Akhtar is confused by the criticism he receives every time he praises an Indian cricketer and had the following to say “I don’t know why people are angry, they should go look at the stats first before criticising me. Do they want to keep the hatred in mind, that just because he is an Indian, we will not praise him?” Akhtar said on the YouTube Show ‘Cricket Pakistan’.

Akhtar also compared the difference in senior management between the BCCI and Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). The fast bowler claims that BCCI has experienced personnel at top such as Ganguly whereas PCB’s senior leadership is full of incompetent people.

“Why do you always try to find faults, why don’t you try and be like them. There was a time when Indians wanted to be like Pakistan. Now, Pakistan want to be like Indians,” Akhtar said. “In late 90s, India would raise their hands that we don’t want to play in Sharjah against Pakistan.

“Our mindset was made to change by bringing average people on the top. They brought average people to be the captain of the team. Look at what India got – they made Virat Kohli the captain, an aggressive player. Who did we bring?” Akhtar added.

The interviewer also asked Akhtar about rumours circulating that the fast bowler was approached by PCB CEO.  In his response, Akhtar said: “Nobody has approached me for the role of chief selector.

“Be it me or any other person, the important thing as chief selector is the change in mindset –which we desperately need. That person and the head coach need to be on the same page for the betterment of the team.

“But I do know that the general public wants someone who thinks like me in charge of selecting players. A person who is straightforward and demands performances from the cricketers.”