Teen Patti | Is this a simpler version of online poker?

Online gambling has made it possible for you to play Teen Patti or poker at your favourite online casino. However, which game offers a bigger challenge?

Say the words ‘Teen Patti’ in India and you will immediately get a positive reaction. Indians absolutely love the game along with Andar Bahar and Jhandi Munda. However, mention the same game outside of India and you will be hard pressed to find anyone that actually knows it.

On the other hand, poker is a game that is known world wide. There are quite a few variations in poker and the increasing popularity of social media platforms such as Facebook have further spread the word for poker. However, just because Teen Patti is played in India and not elsewhere does not make the game any less challenging than a game of poker.

Time to Sharpen Your Skills

When talking about the difficulty associated with a game, one usually refers to the skill set that is required to excel at it. Playing a game of snakes and ladders is considered to be less challenging than a game of Ludo. With snakes and ladders you are pretty much at the mercy of the dice and no further input is needed from the player to win the game. Ludo on the other hand needs to take into account the roll of the dice as well as the when the different pieces need to be moved. Hence, an element of strategy is introduced making the game more challenging.

With Poker, you are required to possess a diverse skill set if you are to win the game. Players are required to calculate the moves they need to make based on the cards that have been handed to them and also based on that might be unveiled to them along the way. You are also required to keep your strategy less obvious to the other players and maintain what is defined as a poker face. All of this needs to be done in conjunction with the size of the bet that is placed at every turn.

When compared to poker, Teen Patti Live does come across as a simpler game. Similar to the British Three Card Brag, you are required to bet based on the three-card hand you have been given. You need to effectively assess the value of your hand and also the three card combination that your opponents are also holding. Some players will play blind which makes it extremely difficult to formulate a strategy against them.

What is the Best Way to Play Teen Patti Live?

With the online gambling market flourishing in India despite the lack of regulation, it has now become relatively easy to access both Teen Patti Live and Poker via your computer, tablet or mobile. All you need to make sure is that you have an internet connection and device that can support the gameplay.  Both games have multiple variants being offered by the online casinos along with a live casino version. The live casino simulates the workings of a brick and mortar casino with a live dealer dealing out the cards. You can interact with the dealer and also the other players to make the game even more appealing.

As always, we would recommend that you choose your online casino wisely. Both of these games are available at the most reputable casinos in India, casinos that offer a variety of banking options and also excellent customer service. The latter can come in very handy especially if you end up beating our opponents for the day be it at Teen Patti or online poker.