Top 5 TV Episodes That Feature Lottery

Lottery is big all over the world to a point that tv shows in either India or America will most certainly have one episode dedicated to it.

If you are reading this post, you are probably aware by now that lottery is a big deal. Not just in America but people in India are crazy about participating in the local lotteries. Can you blame them? With jackpots sky rocketing into the millions, a lottery ticket offers some hope of escaping the current lifestyle and ascending to a better financial state.

Movies and tv shows all over the world realise the importance of lottery and will most certainly feature one episode dedicated to it. Here is our list of top 10 tv show episodes dedicated to lottery.

The Flintstones – The Sweepstakes Ticket

Let’s start off the list with an animated show that aired all the way back in the 50’s and 60’s. A show with a super catchy theme and characters that are still being quoted today, The Flintstones took the entire world by storm when they were first aired. In this particular episode, the town of Bedrock has gone gaga over the lottery and everyone is in a mad rush to buy a ticket. With just one ticket left, both Fred and Barney decide to share the ticket and it’s subsequent winnings. Barney takes charge of safeguarding the ticket and places it in a cookie jar to hide it from Betty.

However, the boys are unaware that their wives have also bought the ticket which is hiding inside the coffee pot. Fred not trusting his friend’s ability to conceal things from his wife decides to break into the Rubble’s house to get the ticket. However, he grabs the ticket from the coffee pot which turns out to be winning entry. Fred’s guilt gets to the better of him and decides to come clean handing the ticket to the ladies who immediately rush to the department store to buy more clothes.

Family Guy – Lottery Fever

From animation to another, albeit a more controversial one. It was only going to be a matter of time before Family Guy would make fun of lottery. The first episode of the 10th season sees Lois putting the family on a tighter budget. Not one to pay attention to Lois, Peter decides to take a second mortgage on the house and buys a whole bunch of lottery tickets.

Behold, the plan actually works and the Griffin family end up winning the lottery. While Lois insists on continuing their current lifestyle, Peter decides to quit his job to live a lavish life. As you can tell the money does not stay with the family for too long and they are resigned to going back to their old lives.

Friends – The One with the Lottery

A tv show that has stood the test of time and still binged all over the world on services such as Netflix. It is hard to believe that the last episode aired all the way back in 2004 yet the impact of the show is still as present as ever. With this episode things go off the rails immediately when Phoebe’s psychic predicting her to win the lottery. Naturally her excitement spills over to the gang and she convinces them to join her in the pursuit of playing the lottery as a syndicate. As is the case with most lottery players, the gang immediately start dreaming of all they could achieve with the lottery money. Do they win the money or not…well you will have to find that one out for yourself 🙂

30 Rock – College

Liz decides to take part in the office lottery against the advice of Tracy and Jenna. To the surprise of everyone, Liz ends up winning the TGS with Tracy Jordan crew lottery of $1000. Almost immediately she faces criticism from her lesser paid co workers and decides to ease the tension by everyone drinks. Her quest to remain popular spirals out of control which ultimately sees her popularity slowing down. Towards the end, Liz comes to accept that she is not the popular one in the office and is something she will have to live with.

The Simpsons – Million Dollar Maybe

No list can ever be complete without mentioning the Simpsons. A show that has been going on for a couple of decades has covered nearly every topic there is from global crisis to local events in countries from all over the world. The episode starts off with a fortune cookie revealing that he will have a lucky day. As the day progresses more and more good things start happening to Homer until he fully embraces himself into the concept of a lucky day.

Homer heads to the Kwik E Mart and buys himself a lottery. This however does come at the expense of Homer missing a marriage ceremony that he promised he would attend with Marge. Homer after buying the ticket drives recklessly to try and make it to the wedding but ends up getting into an accident. At the hospital, it is revealed that Homer has indeed won a million dollars!

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