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The lottery is one of the very few “Get rich quick “methods that can actually work. If luck is by your side,  you could become a millionaire overnight. This is the reason the lottery system has been so popular around the world since its invention in the 17th century. In this article, I will be sharing information on a lottery that goes by the name of called “Jaldi Lotto“.

I will tell you how to play Jaldi Lotto, the probabilities of winning one,  how to check the results, and how to claim the prize.

What is Jaldi Lotto?

Jaldi Lotto is a part of the Playwin online lottery which is run by the Sikkim Government. It was established in 2001 and has operations pan India. As the name suggests Jaldi Lotto is a super-fast lottery system where the winner is announced every week. The winner of the Jaldi 5 lotto gets the prize of INR 5 lacs.

How to play Jaldi 5 Lotto

Jaldi 5 Lotto can be played online as well as offline. To play, you need to first purchase the Playwin card which comes in the denominations of INR 200, 500, 1000, and 5000. This card can be purchased from a Playwin authorized store or you can order it online by visiting their website

Once you purchase the card, you need to scratch its back to uncover a 12 digit account number and a four-digit password. These are the unique numbers that help Playwin identify and authenticate the player.

Playing Jaldi 5 online is very simple. All you need to do is select any 5 numbers of your choice from 1-36 or you can let the computer choose it for you randomly based on its algorithm. There is also an option to enter in advance draws. You can enter up to a maximum of 6 consecutive draws. The biggest advantage of playing Jaldi 5 online is it is secure and the ticket is parked in your account. This means you never have to worry about losing your ticket.

In case you prefer playing it through a retailer or are located in a place with no internet connectivity then you can visit the authorized Playwin store. The clerk will give you a payslip which you need to fill with your choice of 5 numbers. Just like online, there is an option of lucky pick on the slip wherein the system will randomly select the numbers for you.

Once you complete the process and the clerk hands you the ticket, verify the numbers and the date to ensure there are no errors. You also need to sign the ticket to authenticate it so that no one else can claim it as their own. You need to keep this ticket safe as you will be asked to produce the ticket in case you win.


Winning Probability in Jaldi Lotto

The lottery is all about probability. Higher the probability, greater is the chance of winning the lottery. In Jaldi 5 there are 4 prize categories and the probability is different for each of these categories.

The first prize of INR 5 lacs is given to a person whose ticket matches all the 5 numbers taken out in the draw. The odds of this jackpot stands at 1: 376992

The second prize of INR 5000 is given to a person whose ticket matches 4 out of 5 numbers taken out in the draw. The probability of this prize stands at 1: 2432

The third prize goes to the ticket that has 3 out of 5 numbers taken out in the draw. The odds are 1:81

The fourth prize of INR 10 goes to the ticket that has any 2 of the 5 numbers taken out in the draw. The odds are 1:8

If you take an average probability of winning any prize in Jaldi 5, then the odds are 1:8 which is a healthy probability.

How to check the results?

You can check the results at the Myplaywin website or with the Playwin app. You can also access the results via SMS or email.

The draw is also live telecasted on Zee 24 taas channel every Friday between 10:00 – 10:30 pm. The validity of the prize is 90 days, hence it is advised to check the results as soon as possible.

How to claim the prize?

The prize money up to INR 10,000 can be claimed directly from any Playwin outlet and there is no tax deduction. The prizes above INR 10,000 will be paid by cheque after the deduction of government tax.

If you have won a prize above INR10,000 on a single ticket then you need to fill the claim form with all necessary details and submit it to the Playwin offices or claims department. You also need to submit the below-mentioned documents along with the claim form.

  • Playwin Card
  • Notarised affidavit on a stamp paper
  • Pan Card copy
  • Identity proof ( Passport/Drivers license/Aadhar card )
  • Proof of residence ( Telephone/Electricity bill or Ration card)
  • 3 Photographs attested by the bank

To conclude Jaldi lotto Is a simple and fun lottery platform where you can play online as well as offline as per your convenience and stand a chance to win INR 5 lacs

Jaldi 5 Lotto FAQ

Who owns Jaldi 5 Lotto?

Jaldi 5 Lotto is a part of Playwin that is owned by the Government of Sikkim and is operational Pan India.

Is Jaldi 5 legal in India?

Jaldi 5 is legal in all the 13 states of India where gambling is permitted by the Government.

What is the validity of the Playwin card?

The validity of the Playwin card is for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Can you cheat in Jaldi 5 Lotto?

Jaldi 5 Lotto is purely luck based game. The weekly draw happens live on Zee 24 taas hence there is no room for any cheating. If you come across any website or software that claims otherwise then it is a scam.


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