Telangana Online Lottery


if you are in Telangana and want to experience an online lottery then let me tell you that the government of Telangana has strictly banned the gambling system there.

Telangana has very strict rules and laws related to online lottery and users should have complete knowledge of that.

But still, if you want to buy lottery tickets there, then just read the whole article and understand how you can buy the Telangana Online Lottery.

Best Online Lottery Sites in Telangana

So if you want to experience free international lottery online then, these are the best platforms where you can register your account and buy lottery tickets.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

  1. is a very popular platform where users can buy online lottery tickets without any hassles. Well, there is no particular app for this platform, so users need to avail all the services on their mobile browser.

This platform has an amazing user interface where users need to create an account and can directly know about the status of the draw. The best thing is that it offers a large number of lottery games that users can experience.

This platform was launched in 1998 and till then, they have maintained everything very systematically. Users will get everything that they are looking for.

Is PlayHugeLottos safe?

Yes, PlayHugeLottos is a trusted platform where users can enjoy a lottery experience without any hassles. It is a safe platform, so users can deposit the amount without worrying about anything.

PlayHugeLottos has been in this industry for the past 20 years and that’s why we can easily trust this platform. For assurance, the company has also gained a license from Curacao, which is the best gambling license for Indian lottery websites. The operators have done their job very well till now and will work forever.

PlayHugeLottos Features

  • It comes to the list of the top 20 lottery platforms in India.
  • Users can easily get the language at their convenience.
  • All the Indian payment options such as UPI, Rupay, and Net Banking are accepted on this platform.
  • It comes with an extensive range of features that includes an online lottery, a live casino, and some other casino slots.

How to Sign Up at PlayHugeLottos?

Signing up on PlayHugeLottos will take a few minutes. Let us know how to do it.

  • First of all, users need to visit the website of
  • Then just tap on the Green button on the Get Bonus and Play Now option.
  • Now you need to fill in some basic details such as Name, Address, Mobile number, and Email and proceed further.
  • Then scroll down and fill in your date of birth.
  • Now accept all the terms and conditions and then tap on the create account option.

That’s it, by just following the above steps, users can sign up at

Verify your PlayHugelottos account

We all buy lottery tickets to win some real money. So if you want to withdraw that money then you need to verify the account that you have created.

While playing games on PlayHugelottos, you need to verify your account at some point. The operators never want fraud to happen with anyone, and that’s why the verification process is essential.

For verification, they will ask you for some basic details that you need to provide them. If you didn’t understand the process then you can also take help from customer support.

PlayHugelottos Welcome Bonus

The best way to kickstart your journey on PlayHugelottos is to take advantage of the welcome bonus.

Well, you don’t need to do anything because when you deposit the amount, you will get your welcome bonus immediately.

The welcome bonus will be given up to 50% of the amount you have deposited, and the maximum bonus will be $200. It means if you are depositing $400 in your account, you will get $600 in your account.

PlayHugelottos Customer Support

PlayHugelottos has amazing customer support, which is highly knowledgeable and supportive. The options they have available for customer support are Email and Live Chat.

The Live Chat option is available between 14:30 to 23:30. Many platforms are providing a live chat facility for 24 hours while PlayHugelottos don’t have that feature.

But when they are live, they give the response instantly. There is no direct calling option available here but still, if you need their help, you should visit the FAQs section. Most of your queries will get solved there.

  1. LottoSmile

LottoSmile is one of the most used lottery apps in India from North to South. This platform has its app, which can be downloaded on Android and iPhone easily.

The app has an intuitive user interface that makes its functioning quite easy. The navigation is quite easy, and the shortcut button makes things more convenient for everyone.

So, if you want to download the app, you have to visit their official website and enjoy every app feature. Still, if you have any doubts then study the whole review we have given below.

Is LottoSmile safe?

LottoSmile is one of the safest lottery websites in India that keeps all the information of their users very safe and secure.

As they also have a license from Cyprus, users don’t need to worry about anything. They are legit and keep themselves away from all the scams.

They have been in this industry since 2002, and we can easily understand that fake websites don’t stay for a long time.

LottoSmile Features

  • They have more than 47 international lotteries in a single place.
  • The website shows monetary terms in Rupees.
  • This is the most genuine service for the users.
  • Raffles and different promotions are available.
  • They have an extensive range of games available to them.

How can I Sign Up at LottoSmile?

This is the process of Signing up on LottoSmile.

  • First of all, just visit the official website of LottoSmile.
  • Then just tap on the person icon at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • The login page will open where you have to tap on the Create a Free account option.
  • Now just enter the details such as Username, Password, Email, etc.
  • Then you need to confirm whether you want to receive promotional emails or not.
  • Then just tap on the SignUp button, and you are ready to go.

That’s it, by just following the process, users can easily Sign Up on LottoSmile.

Verify your LottoSmile Account

Before moving farther, it is essential to verify your LottoSmile account because the operators don’t want any fraud to happen on their platform.

That’s why they have started the verification process on the LottoSmile account. So if you want to withdraw your winnings then you need to verify your LottoSmile account.

Here, users need to upload some documents to verify their accounts. Customer support will provide you with instructions on how you can submit your documents.

LottoSmile Welcome Bonus

LottoSmile offers some amazing discounts and promotions for their regular players. But as a present, they have not launched any welcome bonus for the players, which means there will be no signup benefit here.

But it doesn’t mean that the platform is not a good option. Once you become a VIP member of this platform, you can get some fantastic discounts of up to 20% on lottery tickets and can provide some exclusive offers and the services of an account manager.

So there is no welcome bonus but still, they have done an amazing reward job for their users.

LottoSmile Customer Support

The customer support of LottoSmile is very knowledgeable and supportive. They will reply to you immediately if you are going for a live chat.

Well, they have provided two options for contacting, email chat and live chat. The best thing about this platform is that customer support is available 24/7, so users can connect to them anytime.

We have a very good experience with LottoSmile customer support by getting the response immediately. Still, users should go with FAQs before accessing any other feature of this platform.

LottoSmile Withdrawal Review

To withdraw the amount on LottoSmile, it is essential to have a debit or credit card with you. Yes, this is the only way to withdraw your amount on LottoSmile.

We know that it is a bit of inconvenience that the platform has given, but the use of credit cards is widespread nowadays.

We can thank the digital features of the platform that keeps our information quite secure.

Telangana Lottery Tickets Online

Well, there are different ways to buy Telangana Lottery Tickets. Users can go to a Lottery booth and can buy a lottery ticket, but it is an old way and no one wants the hassle of physical lotteries.

That’s why another way is to buy the lottery online. Many websites are available on the Internet that allows you to buy an online lottery ticket. But make sure that you are going with the right platform to prevent uncertainties.

There are different types of international lottery tickets available in the market such as Powerball, EuroMillions, and Mega Millions. Every ticket has a different price, so you need to make your decision at your convenience.

How to purchase online lottery tickets in Telangana?

Well, Purchasing online lottery tickets is not a tough task. But when the state has banned gambling then it may be a bit of a tough task for you. So here is the complete guide on how you can purchase online lottery tickets in Telangana.

  • First of all, you need to choose the best platform where you want to buy a lottery ticket.
  • So, just choose any of the platforms that we have described above.
  • Now just create an account there and understand the whole process of that platform.
  • Then you need to deposit some amount so that you can buy a lottery ticket for yourself. But make sure to use the best way of payment.
  • Once you deposited the amount, now you need to choose the lottery game and wait for the draw.

That’s it, by following these steps, users can easily purchase online lottery tickets in Telangana.


Users should also know that there are different lottery games and they have to pick the best one for themselves. So, let us know about those games.

  1. Powerball

Powerball is a very popular lottery game that allows users to earn more than ₹150 crores. Yes, this is a huge amount and if you are lucky then you can get this amount. Users need to buy a lottery ticket consisting of ₹300 and the lottery days of this game are on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. This lottery amount has already attracted people worldwide.

  1. EuroMillions

EuroMillions is the best choice for many people around the world. The ticket for this lottery comes in between ₹240 – ₹300. Users can earn a massive amount of ₹25 crores. The draws announced for this lottery are on Wednesday and Saturday.

  1. Mega Millions

Mega Millions also gives chances to win a huge amount of around ₹150 crores. This lottery game has already distributed a huge amount to the people. The ticket for this lottery will be ₹300 and the draw gets announced on Wednesday and Saturday

Hyderabad Lottery Online

As we have already said that the government is very strict against gambling in Telangana but still, there are many house lotteries in Hyderabad.

It is the completely illegal aspect to buy lottery tickets online and if you are caught doing this, then the police can arrest you anytime whether you are offline or online.

You should also know that gambling is not banned only in Hyderabad, it is banned in the whole of Hyderabad.

Telangana Lottery Laws

Here, users should know that as per Telangana Gaming Amendment Act 2017, buying lottery tickets will be considered an illegal act. It means that buying online lottery tickets isn’t allowed in Telangana.

So, we will not recommend you to do this illegal act. Still, if you want to play then you have to do it at your discretion.

But the surprising thing is that no one is fined or jailed till now because of buying lottery tickets.

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