Guide to the best live cricket streaming sites

Live cricket streaming on betting sites is very useful. By being able to keep track of the entire game, you will be able to place bets based on the current situation and will be able to make the most of the bet.

Sports betting has always been a great form of entertainment for sports fans. What can be better than sitting in your favourite chair at home and placing bets on your favourite matches. All of this is achieved in a matter of a few clicks either via your smartphone or your desktop.

The emergence of the digital age has revolutionized the entire sports betting industry. The online world has given the sports betting industry a wider reach which has led to an increase in its popularity.

While digitization was undoubtedly great for the sports betting industry, not much changed after that. But things have finally started to pick up pace, and now we are slowly starting to see more development in this field. 

One of the most recent inclusions on many online sports betting platforms is the ability to stream the games live. india-cricket-streaming

Streaming on a Sports Betting Platform

When online betting sites first came to prominence, we had to sit in front of the television as well as use our computer or phone to place the bets. 

Making blind bets would certainly not be very useful. So, we always had to be glued to our couch to place bets.

The whole idea of not being able to go outside while placing bets was really troublesome. That is where live cricket streaming on betting sites is very useful. By being able to keep track of the entire game, you will be able to place bets based on the current situation and will be able to make the most of the bet.

More and more online betting operators have started to live stream cricket matches on the betting page. Thus, making it very easy for you to keep track of the game as well as place bets at the same time. 

The inclusion of a live streaming option has given a significant boost to the bookmakers as well. With live streaming integrated on their platforms, the user-engagement throughout the game is very high.

This new feature has opened up more opportunities for the bookmakers as well. Live bets and being able to keep track of their wagers in real-time has won the hearts of thousands of users around the world. Thus, bringing in more players onto their betting platform.

The bookmaker in question, is none other than the behemoth known as Bet365.

Bet365 –

Cricket fans around the world eagerly wait for March every year. That is because this is the month when the Indian Premier League(IPL) starts. It is also the same period when the demand for live cricket streaming goes off the charts. 

Millions of users jump on to live cricket streaming websites to catch the action live. As the games are played every single day, the number of people flocking towards online betting platforms is also very high. 

Bet365 is a site where you will be able to enjoy both these things on the same platform. To be able to start live cricket streaming, you only need speeds of 512 Kbps. Thus, you will be able to enjoy the game at slow internet speeds as well.

Apart from hosting domestic leagues, Bet365 also supports ICC tournaments, Champions leagues as well as several other cricket leagues. So, you need not have to visit any other website to watch or place bets on these games.

Another great feature that Bet365 offers is its ability to pin the live cricket streaming video on a page. By doing this, you will be able to navigate to other pages without having to close the live stream.

Using live streaming feature on Bet365

Unlike video streaming apps that charge you a subscription fee to view live sports, Bet365 does not charge you a single penny. You will, however, need a positive balance in your Bet365 account wallet.

24 hours prior to the start of the match, you need to place a bet on the game. You will be able to find the link to the live stream just minutes before the start of the game. By clicking on the link, you will be able to see the live game.

You can also view the live cricket streaming on your mobile device. All you need to do is click on the live stream link on the game page. I am happy to report that as long as your connection and smartphone are of decent quality, the live stream will be smooth as silk.

when does the live streaming start?

The live cricket streaming starts just 2 minutes before the game begins. You need to simply click on the media link, and the stream will start. Depending on your internet speed, there might be a slight delay in the stream. So, even though you don’t need a super-fast internet to live stream, make sure that you have a reliable connection.

Bet365 adheres to all the rules and regulations set. Hence, you might not be able to see a few events in your country. Additionally, all the live streams make use of DRM. It means that you will not be able to view the live stream on any other computer.

Only your computer has the right to view games. So, make sure that you use the same computer.

CONCLUSION-Live cricket streaming is a complete game-changer in the online betting industry. The smooth integration of this feature on Bet365 has made it one of the most loved online sports betting sites out there. If, you too, are a sports lover and want to bet on the games, do check out their platform.