How to Play Ganga Lottery

In this article, I will share the details about the 4D Ganga lottery, how to participate, interesting facts about the lottery and the chances of winning.

The lottery industry that started centuries back is now a massive industry. The list of different types of lotteries is so immense that it is an overwhelming affair to keep a tab on existing as well as new launches.

We do have the popular traditional lotteries that are promoted by the various state governments of India like Sikkim government’s Super lotto, Jaldi 5 lotto, and Maharashtra government’s Mahalakshmi lottery, etc. We also have a relatively new but very popular 4D lottery called “Ganga Lottery” that has been capturing the imagination of Indian lottery players.

In this article, I will share the details about the 4D Ganga lottery including how to participate, interesting facts and your chances of winning it!

History of 4D Lottery

To understand the 4D lottery lets first understand its very interesting genesis. In 1951 a schoolboy in Malaysia wanted to sell his bicycle but instead of going by the regular means, he decided to create one hundred tickets that had two numbers written on it. Each ticket costs $2 and the person who holds the ticket with the exact number that gets picked in the draw would win the bicycle for just $2. This unique idea was a hit and became the talk of the town.

That was how the 2D numbering lottery started in Singapore with a school boy’s idea that later became so popular that it was played by millions of people worldwide. The 2D lottery then changed its form to 3D lottery and later to the 4D lottery which is played even today.

Although the 4D lottery is popular today, it was not the same when it started. There was a general fear amongst the Southeast Asian people about the 4 number game which is also called tetraphobia because the number 4 when spelled in their local language means “shi” which means “death”.

So people hesitated to participate in the 4D lottery until 1986 when Singapore pools which is a state-owned lottery declared the first winner with the number 8839. The number 8 sounds like “fa” in the local language that means prosperity and after the first draw, the 4D lottery became super popular in Singapore and Southeast Asia. The popularity was so high that in a survey done by the National Council on Problem Gambling in 2014 declared 4D lottery as the most played lottery among Singaporean people.

Ganga Lottery

So Ganga Lottery is a type of 4D lottery similar to Singapore pools and is popular in India. The 4D lottery has been around for a long time but in recent times it has picked pace because of its simplicity as well as the frequency of draws. The draws for 4D happens three times a week – Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. One more key point for Ganga lottery’s popularity is there are 23 winning numbers that are drawn each time. Which means you have a total of 69 chances of hitting a jackpot in a week.

Today Ganga lottery is catching up real fast with the traditional lotteries like Powerball and Mega Millions and many believe Ganga lottery actually gives them a better chance at winning a lottery.

How to play Ganga Lottery

This is the best part of the 4D lottery-like Ganga. It is so simple that new players are actually surprised. All you need to do is select any number between 0000 to 9999 and that’s it.  You then wait for the weekly draw and if your number pops up in the draw, you are the jackpot winner.

Twenty-three winning numbers are declared every week which drastically improves the chances of you winning it. You also have the option of choosing a number like 0034 or 0028, unlike other lotteries where you must choose non zero numbers. In the traditional lotteries, you need to choose 6 or 7 individual digits and the top winner is the one who gets all the digits right. In Ganga lottery, however, you need to choose only four numbers and you win as per the sets and not individual digits making it that much easy and hassle-free process.

Interesting facts about the 4D Ganga lottery

Here are some interesting facts about the 4D lottery that you need to know.

  • 4D lottery draw happens at 6:30 pm every week on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday
  • The minimum age to play Ganga lottery is 18
  • Most Governments don’t tax 4D lottery wins as they consider it as windfall gains
  • The draw takes place in the presence of five officials and an external auditor
  • The funds generated by 4D lotteries are used by the state government for nation-building purposes like road and infrastructure construction
  • Ganga lottery provides the highest odds of winning which stands at 23: 10000 which are really good odds.

Chances of winning the Ganga Lottery

As mentioned above the odds are one of the best you will get in any lottery system. What is even more exciting is you are not restricted to one entry.   You can buy more than one entry during every draw further increasing your chances of winning the jackpot.

To conclude 4D Ganga lottery is one the newest member in the ever-growing Lottery Industry. The simplicity of playing the lottery coupled with a whopping 69 draws every week makes Ganga lottery a very interesting proposition. The pace in which this lottery has been growing for a few years, I could see Ganga lottery taking its rightful place among the other popular lottery formats.