Is IPL Fixed? How BCCI is working hard to Squash Match Fixing

Is IPL Fixed is a question that is sadly asked by many Indian fans. In this article I tell you why it is not and how you can visit sites to place legal bets.

Cricket is akin to religion in India. Regardless of where you are in India, be it the desert, mountains or near the sea, Indians love to play and watch cricket. The game of cricket has gained immense popularity despite not being the national sport of the country. Cricketers have transformed into mega celebrities that are revered by fans from all corners of the globe. However there is one aspect associated with cricket that has always managed to hamper its reputation. For the uninitiated, we are no doubt referring to cricket matches being fixed and these days the main question that arises Is  IPL fixed?

Is IPL fixed is a question that is on the tongue of nearly every cricket loving Indian. It is hard not to entertain this thought given what has happened in the past with scandals relating the late Hanse Cronje and even the former Indian captain, Mohammad Azharuddin. IPL has turned into a billion dollar franchise with teams investing a decent amount of money to bolster their squads with the best players, coaches and support staff. Teams such as Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders are worth millions and are backed by rich tycoons and Bollywood celebrities.

Matching fixing when it comes to a national league such as IPL is disheartening as it not only brings the game into disrupt but also plays with the emotions of the fans. Some are simply jealous of the success that IPL has managed to achieve and will do anything and everything to tarnish its reputation. So going back to the question, Is IPL Fixed? The answer is NO and the BCCI works very hard to ensure that matching fixing does not play a part in the outcome of the cricket matches.

Is IPL Fixed | What the BCCI is Doing to Prevent Match Fixing

First and foremost, BCCI keeps a close eye on all teams that are involved in the tournament. The level of scrutiny the teams are subjected to involves keeping tabs no where they go, who they meet and in some cases what they eat as well! BCCI offers strict protocols before the tournament starts to make every team member aware of what is expected of them and what they should do should they get approached by bookies.

Ajit Singh, retired police offers leads the anti-corruption unit and was the DGP with the Central Bureau of Investigation and when allegations against Hanse Cronje were brought to light. To say that he is the right man for the job would be an understatement.

Another reason why the answer to question Is IPL Fixed is a vehement no is because legitimate cricket betting sites have now entered India. These sites operate are licensed by MGA , UKGC or Curacao who impose strict rules and regulations on their operations. Proper KYC , money laundering checks are carried out to ensure that only legal cricket betting takes place making the concept of match fixing seem redundant for the underground bookies.

I urge you to stay away from the world of underground gambling and match fixing and instead visit any of the sites listed below for your cricket betting needs. These sites cover all the major sporting events and offer fantastic odds and welcome bonuses. Some even go as far as giving away iPhones and other grand prizes.