Skrill India | Why This Payment Method is Preferred by Online Casinos in 2024

Safety of online transactions is of paramount importance to punters. In this article, I am going to explain the benefits of using Skrill India, a popular banking option.

The most important and sensitive issue for anyone who wants to play online betting is the ease and safety of online transactions. Most online betting sites do not have traditional money transfer options like Google Pay, Paytm, VISA, Master card, etc. In this article, I am going to share with you one of the most popular and safe money transfer platforms – Skrill India.

I will share all the details about this banking option, how to create an account, and what are the benefits as well as the transaction fees incurred.


Skrill is an online money transfer platform that is based out of the United Kingdom. The company has 18.5 million customers and is present in more than 80 countries worldwide.


When you click on create an account tab on the Skrill India website, you get two options – business account and personal account. If you are opening an account for online betting then you should select the personal account option.

After that, the process is pretty simple. You just fill in your name, contact number, email address, date of birth, etc. You will be asked to choose a password. Also, when you get the option to select Country and Currency, you must choose India and INR- Indian Rupee. Only then you can do the transaction in rupees.

Once you complete the process the system authenticates your email and your mobile number. Check your inbox for the verification mail from Skrill. Meanwhile, an OTP is also sent to your phone.

Once the verification is done, you will be asked to link your bank account or debit card. It is highly advised to link your debit card. Because if you add your bank account then all the transactions can be accessed by the Indian government and the taxman might come knocking at your door.

So it is always better to add your debit card. In case you want to transfer money to your bank account then you can first transfer it to Neteller and then to your account. You can also request for a Skrill pre-paid card and use it for all your shopping needs.


Skrill is widely used in the online betting arena and is a common jargon used by the players. Below mentioned are some of the features that make Skrill better than any other money transfer platform.

  1. Ease of use

Skrill makes the transaction effortless and instant for the players. This is very important as betting is all about timing. Once you upload the money on your Skrill account you can do all the betting transactions in seconds. Also, Skrill accepts debit cards, bank account, and credit cards giving you multiple options to choose from. You can also view all your transaction in one place making it easy to keep a tab on your expenditure.

  1. Low transaction fees

Skrill offers one of the lowest transaction fees when compared to platforms like Paypal. If you are sending money through Skrill then the charges are 1% of the transaction which is capped at max 33.34 INR. When you upload funds on the Skrill account then the charges are 1.9% of the transaction. Withdrawing funds through SWIFT will be charged at 120.3 INR while if it is a GBP, USD, or EURO Cheque then the charges are 233.39 INR.

So to conclude, Skrill India is one of the easiest platforms to use for all your transaction on online betting sites. It makes the transaction safe, secure, and effortless so that you can just focus on playing the game.


Is Skrill Legal in India?

Yes. Skrill is completely legal in India. In the list of countries that allow e-wallets like Skrill, India comes on the top. So you can create your Skrill account legally and can also opt for a Skrill prepaid card. The card can be used in any physical stores and for online shopping.

Is Skrill India Safe to Use?

Skrill is one of the largest e-wallet and money transfer companies based in the UK. They use state of the art online security and hence are one of the safest platforms to use.

Which Indian banks support a Skrill India account?


Most Indian banks are compatible with Skrill. But to make sure if your bank is compatible, you need to login to your Skrill account and click on a link that checks for the compatibility.