What are VIP programs offered by online casinos?

A VIP program is offered by most online casinos. You can say that it is a type of loyalty program where the casinos shower special treatment on their most loyal customers.

The online casino market is growing substantially in India and so are the number of online casino websites. This has increased the competition and everyone is rolling out offers to retain their loyal customers. One such offering is the online casino VIP program.

In this article, I will share the details about these programs, their offerings, and the benefits of joining them.


A VIP program is offered by most online casinos. You can say that it is a type of loyalty program where the casinos shower special treatment on their most loyal customers. This program is designed to make the customer feel special and privileged so that they keep coming back to their betting sites to play games.

When the VIP program players spend real money on the website they are rewarded with miles or points. These points can later be redeemed for bonus cash, prizes, and other perks decided by the casino. The players who earn higher points get better perks and benefits.


The VIP program is specially tailored to reward the loyal and high spending players of the casino. You don’t lookout for a VIP program, it is the other way round where the casino looks out for you.


If you want to get into the program, simply start spending more time and money on the online casino. Then it is just a matter of time before you automatically get enrolled in the prestigious VIP program. There are however some casinos who offer the VIP membership for a certain deposit amount.


Now you must be wondering how a VIP program is different from the regular bonus play. So let me share the basic difference between the two.

In a VIP program when you play the game with real money, the casino offers you points or miles which you can later use for multiple purposes like gifts, bonus cash, etc.

In the bonus play, however, when you are eligible, the casino gives you a bonus one-time cash that you can use for the game. To be eligible for bonus play, you need to deposit a certain amount fixed by the casino.

In the VIP program, you get rewarded for every amount you wager in the game


What makes the VIP program interesting is that there are different levels to achieve. The higher the level in the VIP program, the better are the rewards and benefits. The only way to keep climbing higher levels in the VIP program is by spending more time and money at the casino.


The different levels are often termed as Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Diamond. In some programs, the players can buy additional points from the casino. While in some casinos, you can buy or sell your points to other players. The casino itself offers different benefits, cash, and gifts when you collect a certain number of points.

The different levels of the VIP program are designed to keep the players engaged and motivated to play more and win more cash.


You are never a permanent member of the VIP program. You need to put in your time and effort to stay in this elite club. Every month you need to keep earning the loyalty points and based on that the casino decides your VIP status.

While it is easy to get into a VIP program but very difficult to stay there.

If in any month you get out of the VIP program then no worries. You can come back to the club when you start spending again and earning more points in the following month.


As discussed above, staying in the VIP program requires a lot of effort and time. So below mentioned are some hacks that you can use to get the maximum out of the program while you are there.

The first thing you need to do when you enroll in the VIP program is to read the terms and conditions in detail. Many players complain about having bad experience in the VIP program. In reality most of the times it is because they did not read the rules and were expecting something that was never promised to them in the first place.

You also need to understand the limitations and deadlines of your VIP program. This will help you plan your game play, spending accordingly and will also help you cash in the points earned before it expires.

You need to check which games offer how many points or miles. This will help you in understanding the best way to earn more points by playing the games that offer higher points. Such high point games are put out by casinos either all year long or in some specific seasons, so keep your eyes open for such opportunities.

To conclude, VIP programs offer an experience that make you feel important with dedicated services, higher wins, and prizes. Just make sure you read the t&c’s before you get enrolled into this exclusive club.


Is getting in the VIP program worth it?

It depends on what are your expectations. The VIP program offers you special treatments like dedicated customer service, instant cash transfer, and hassle-free withdrawal of winnings. The program also offers special prizes like holiday packages, cashback, etc. If you like to avail of these offers and want to be treated special then the VIP program is for you.

Does the VIP program have a membership fee?

Different casino sites have a different type of VIP programs. Some offer VIP membership free to their customers who spend a certain amount of real money playing games consistently while some sites offer the membership at a certain fee.

What If I want to get out of the VIP program?

It is very simple. If you do not like the VIP program and want to opt-out of it then just spend less time and money on the online casino for some time and your VIP status will automatically drop down to the regular one.