Adidas in the running for kit sponsorship of the India cricket team

Adidas, the world’s second largest sports brand, has made a big for a sponsorship with the Indian cricket team.

As written in my previous article here, Nikes partnership with the Indian cricket team is due to expire at the end of August. This gives a number of other brands the opportunity to bid on this exciting sponsorship opportunity.

Adidas is the world’s second largest sporting brand after Nike and there interest highlights the value of a sponsorship deal with the Indian cricket team. Unfortunately we reached out to BCCI for comment on the sponsorship developments but received no comment.

There is also rumours that Nike and Adidias rival, Puma, is also keen to bid on this opportunity. Puma already has a strong presence in the IPL with Virat Kohli and Kl Rahul as brand ambassadors

An industry insider has commented saying

“Don’t be surprised if the new rights holder pays something around 200 crore for a five-year deal which will be significantly less than what Nike paid during previous term,”


“Look BCCI offered Nike the first right of refusal and that too a scaled down offer which they declined. This could mean two things. Either they are not interested or may submit a bid which is even more scaled down than what BCCI offered,” he said.

It will be interesting to see who wins this exciting bidding war.