Top 10 IPL Bowlers: Dominating From 2008 to 2024

Over the last 12 years we have seen some amazing players take to the IPL stage. This article focuses on who we think are the top 10 IPL bowlers to date.

Let us look at the top IPL bowlers who have left their impact on the Indian Premier League (IPL) since its inception in 2008 to 2024. These bowlers have been consistently displaying their skills and making significant contributions to their teams throughout the years. Here are the highest wicket-takers in IPL history:

  1. Piyush Chawla


This player is one of the most successful bowlers in the history of the IPL, He has been a top class player both for Kings XI Punjab, and  Kolkata Knight Riders. In our opinion he is one of the most underrated players in the IPL and deserves more recognition for his excellent skills.


  1. Dale Steyn


Dale Steyn is without a shadow of a doubt one of the fastest bowlers of his generation. Steyn is known to be an aggressive fast bowler. He is  capable of bowling at speeds in excess of 150 km/h. This is why he has made our list of top 10 bowlers. 


  1. Harbhajan Singh


Harbhajan Singh has been a prominent player in the IPL since it launched. He initially played 10 editions with the Mumbai Indians. In 2018 he controversially moved to Chennai Super Kings. Although his last few seasons haven’t been as strong he is still considered a top bowler in the IPL. 


  1. Jasprit Bumrah


Jasprit Bumrah may not have the top stats right now but he has bowled some excellent overs in Mumbai winning seasons. He is fast becoming the best bowler in the world by all accounts.


  1. Ravichandran Ashwin


Ashwin is listed as number 10 among bowlers and number 6 among all-rounders in Test cricket as of 2019. He has been an excellent player in the IPL and deserves our number 6 spot.

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  1. Sunil Narine


Narine’s ability to perform in the most high pressure situations has made him an excellent player in the IPL. He has been an asset to the teams he plays with.


  1. Amit Mishra


Amit Mishra is the second highest wicket taker in IPL history. Although he isn’t as strong a player in recent times he is still deserving of the number 2 spot. 


  1. Bhuvneshwar Kumar


Kumar is a two time purple cap winner in 2016 and 2017. We expect this player to continue to grow over the coming years and could even make our number 1 spot. 


  1. Dwayne Bravo


Similar to Kumar, Bravo holds two purple caps. He has been an important member of the Mumbai Indians and their winnings seasons. 


  1. Lasith Malinga


The best bowler the IPL has ever witnessed has to be Lasinth Malinga. I find it hard to believe that anyone will ever reach his heights again unless Kumar continues to improve.