Will the 2020 IPL be more secure from corruption?

The IPL has come under scrutiny in the past but this year there is a belief that the 2020 the IPL will be comparatively more secure than previous years.

Ajit Singh, who is head of BCCI’s Anti Corruption Unit, has stated that be believes the 2020 IPL will be ‘’comparatively more secure.’’

Singh was quoted as saying “One can’t say whether it is going to be the safest one, but definitely it is going to be better from the anti-corruption point of view because there is going to be no interaction between the teams, support staff, and outsiders. This season is going to be comparatively more secure. But, still, it is not (going to be) foolproof thing,”

Singh went on to further say “They throng around the hotel, keep sitting in the hotel lobby, come as sponsors asking players to become brand ambassadors, which is basically a cover [for corrupt activity], so that sort of a thing would be avoided this time.”

Although there will be less outside interaction at venues and games there is still the threat of social media. Singh went on to say “Instead of person-to-person communication or direct face-to-face communication, there could be communication through social media. If somebody approaches me on Facebook and then it starts as an innocent post coming from a fan, ultimately if you find that there is some possibility of being able to compromise the person you might make an attempt. So we have to continue with the [anti-corruption] education,” he said.

What do you think? Will there be less corruption in the 2020 IPL? What needs to happen to keep cricket safe from corruption?